Welcome to my story

This is a presentation website and a personal blog on premium handmade creations of fashion and textile designer Isabella Del Zoppo  

       I am an Italian young girl who is living in the UK where I am enrolled on Fashion and Textile Design University course.

My name is Isabella Del Zoppo, I was born and grown up at the mountain  in the North of Italy. On my behalf, as I could say in a few words “I am created to create” and “I’m living my dream”.

Everything that I make comes from the special desire and passion that are deep down inside my soul and my imagination.

I’m going to get a speciality and hone in this course, in order to go on with my project and to become a well-known fashion designer.

I would like to show and enjoy my photos of my creations with you and also to share my vision.

On this website, I could easily communicate to fashion lovers and also to new, unique and beauty lovers.

I do not have many articles on my website so far, but they are being processed  and will be ready soon! That’s all for now, you certainly will know more about me visiting my page as often as you can.

  Isabella Del Zoppo 

Italian fashion & textile designer